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Since 1997, Durham Reporting & Mediation Services has been building our reputation as providers of the best Certified Reporters for lawyers, government departments and agencies, corporations, school boards and corporate clients from Ottawa to Windsor. Durham Reporting & Mediation Services provides clients with a full range of services including; excellence in reporting, prompt and accurate production of transcripts and facilities built to ensure confidentiality.

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    An examination for discovery is a critical part of the pre-trial process for civil suits. It’s the meeting when lawyers question, or examine, the parties who are in opposition to their client to fin...

    When two parties are unable to come to terms they may choose to undergo mediation in order to try to negotiate something equitable to all. ...

    As disputes between parties arise there may be a need to bring in a neutral voice that can facilitate negotiations. Mediation is an important process to go through as an agreement can remove the need ...

    The first step to a successful meeting is finding the right place to meet and different needs will call for different facilities....

    Transcribing audio to text can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience. Unfortunately, in many cases in can be necessary, especially for legal or commercial reasons. ...

    We have a variety of other services....



    I have been utilizing the mediation and discovery services at Durham Reporting literally since the day it opened, and I have never had a bad experience.  The staff are courteous and professional, and strive to meet the needs of counsel and their clients.

    Andrew Elrick

    I don’t get out to the Durham Region that often and I have to say that this facility was easy to get to, right off the 401 and free parking!!!!

    J. McMaster

    Great complimentary lunch served. Saved lots of time to our day in discovery. The lunch room is very “home like” and the food was great! Including the brownies, which I must admit I had more than one!

    Tina Johnson

    I never have to think twice when I need a court reporting service. I call Durham Reporting!

    Jackie Q

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