Authorized Court Transcriptionists

On June 9, 2014, a new model was implemented for producing court transcripts. Court transcripts in Ontario now must be produced by an authorized court transcriptionist (ACT) from the List of Authorized Court Transcriptionists for Ontario. Transcriptionists at Durham Reporting and Mediation Services are accredited as ACT transcriptionists and are on the approved list. All of our transcriptionists at Durham Reporting and Mediation Services are experienced and qualified, and we have a reputation of delivering quality work within the requested timeframe.


To order a transcript of a court proceeding, please click the link below and download the order form. Once completed, it can be scanned in and emailed to, or faxed to 905-720-1995. An ACT certified transcriptionist from our company will contact you within 2 business days to confirm your order. If the ordered is of an expedited nature, contact our office at 905-720-1995 to expedite the process.


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Transcription isn’t just for lawyers. For example, meetings with insurance adjusters or WSIB investigators are often recorded and an audio file is provided to the claimant. However, in the event of a court proceeding, that audio must be converted into accurately-reproduced and specifically-formatted written documents.


Transcribing audio to text can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience, and even more so if you need to format the document for specific submissions. The good news is that you don’t have to spend hours at your computer doing it yourself.


Durham Reporting & Mediation Services offers certified reporters who specialize in verbatim transcription of meetings, interviews, or dictation, and who also understand the proper formatting requirements of these documents. Once you let us know what you need transcribed you can simply send us a digital recording and we’ll turn every word into text for you.


Since 1997 we’ve been the trusted name for transcription in the Durham Region, with the skills and experience to provide accurate reproduction of audio into the printed word.


If you need transcription services of any kind, whether live or from recording, Durham Reporting & Mediation Services can help. Call us today for more information.


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